Deep learning - Not C#

In Silicon Valley season 4, Jian-Yang builds an AI app that identifies pictures of hotdogs. Today I am going to make a similar app to identify C# from code fragments (in case you forget how C# looks like!).

Look at this Python trying to pretend to be your favorite language:

var = await.add(item)

Of course the whole thing from building and training a deep convolutional network to the cross-platform UI will be written in .NET + TensorFlow.

Not C# screenshot, showing Python detected

Advanced-level tutorial on training a deep convnet to classify language from code fragments

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Indenting contents of namespace in C#

C# occupies a lot of horizontal space. Pretty much every file has a namespace, which by default adds 4 characters, and then another 4 characters from the actual class you are trying to define.

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The Mercurial Archive

How often do you look at the code you wrote ~10 years ago? Bitbucket announced Sunsetting Mercurial Support, including complete removal of all repositories using that source control system. So naturally, as one of the unfortunate souls who initially picked HG over Git, I checked out what I had there.

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